Seeking Excellence

No company or organization exists in a vacuum – we all learn from others, and try to improve and adapt based on what we see that we like (and dislike) that others are doing.

This is the basis of “best practices” in the business world:  seeking out methods & techniques that have consistently shown superior results, and using these as benchmarks to strive for.

So how can we apply this practice to our school district?  How about actively seeking out “best practices” and innovative approaches at other organizations, including school districts, organizations, and businesses, to see what they are doing and how their approaches can apply to us?

I posted this idea of an “Excellence Committee” in answer to the Advertiser’s question about maintaining fiscal responsibility & finding innovative ideas.  Something like this can be beneficial not only for our school district, but also for others.  By sharing information, ideas and resources, we can all become more efficient and effective – something that is desperately needed to help all Ohio districts maintain quality.

There are many possibilities as to where an approach like this can go:  can we share resources re: professional development options, providing training we could not otherwise afford?  What can teachers share with each other to help improve methods & practices at various schools?  Administrators?  Board members?  Do other districts know of grants or programs we could benefit from, or that we could partner on?  What kinds of community partnerships and programs are other districts doing that could also benefit us?

I believe an Excellence Committee, looking for best practices wherever we can find them, could be a huge help in supporting our excellent education no matter what else hits our district from the outside.  No one has all the answers – but by seeking success in other places and pooling resources, we are guaranteed to find more of them.


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