What can other districts tell us?

I posted the other day about an “Excellence Committee” where we could seek out best practices and information from other school districts, organizations and businesses about what they’re doing that works.  By sharing information back-and-forth, we can all improve what we’re doing.

Apparently more people than I are thinking along these lines, because a teacher contacted me the other day with this same idea.  He knows a teacher in another district  – one that has significantly more problems than we do, and which is not even close to Excellent.  Despite this district having many challenges, he says his friend has just about every kind of technology imaginable.   Yet, we are struggling and relying on PTAs to scrape together fundraising money to buy Smart Boards.

What is this other district doing that allows them to purchase this technology?  Is it a great deal they get from somewhere?  Is it collective purchasing?  A grant or donation?  What can we find out from them that would help us?

This is one district and one issue – what can we find out if we are able to talk to many districts?  As this teacher said, we shouldn’t stop with Ohio districts – there are many great schools in Kentucky that are doing innovative things.  What can we learn from them, and from other states?

There is so much knowledge & creativity out there – if we can find a way to come together to share it, we will all benefit.  And the ultimate recipients are, of course, our children & our community … as we are able to find ways to do things more efficiently, we will have more funds to put toward education, which also will allow us to minimize the burden on our community.

I can’t see anything but wins in this scenario – can you?


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