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Curriculum changes with 21st century

November 20, 2009

As we enter a global economy, and as more is learned about how students learn, curriculum changes and adapts.  Two areas the Milford school district is changing involve the possibility of adding Chinese language study and adapting how math is taught.


Last year, the district applied for a grant that would have brought a Chinese language teacher from China on an exchange program.  While competition was fierce and we did not receive the grant, we are trying again this year.  If the grant is received, a teacher from China would join our district for the grant period, teaching Chinese language and culture at the high school, and possibly a Chinese culture class for 8th graders (depending on scheduling).

Even if the grant does not happen, there are other options to provide instruction in Chinese.  We may be able to share an instructor with another district, or we may be able to offer an online course.

Students will see the option to take Chinese on their course selection guide.  They will be asked if they would be interested in taking the course with an instructor, through an online option, or either.  The district is also asking for community feedback, as demand will help determine if a program of any sort is worth pursuing.  Please feel free to comment here, or email me your input.


Math standards are changing as the country learns more about what works and what doesn’t in math instruction.  We are behind many other countries in our math achievement; after looking at what they do, our standards are adapting and we are moving to national instead of state standards.

In the U.S., we currently teach math by covering many broad concepts, with a “spiral” approach to follow up in subsequent years.  However, other countries have more successfully used a narrower, more in-depth approach.  Dr. Farrell explained that, for instance, instead of teaching 30 broad concepts in a school year, students would learn fewer concepts in that same year but learn them in depth and thoroughly the first time.

Dr. Bauer will always be remembered

November 20, 2009

Last night, the board approved a resolution from the Facilities Naming Committee to rename the new high school commons area “Bauer Commons” in remembrance of high school principal Dr. Bauer. The committee consisted of 12 students, 3 teachers, 2 administrators and 2 community members.

Because Dr. Bauer was such a part of the students’ everyday lives, they felt this gathering place was the perfect area to carry his name.  A subcommittee has also been formed to design the “look” of the area, to make sure people are able to get a sense of who Dr. Bauer was.  The subcommittee will work with the architects and present ideas to the board.

They will also raise private funds to create a life-sized statue of Dr. Bauer to place in the area.  More information on where donations can be sent for this project will be available soon.

These are wonderful ways to honor a man who brought so much to the lives of so many in our community.

Thank you!

November 4, 2009

Thank you to everyone who supported me in yesterday’s election!  I am excited to know so much of our community has faith in me to help lead our district forward.  I promise to serve with responsibility, responsiveness & respect; feel free to contact me any time with input, suggestions, criticisms, or even just to say hi!

It’s been wonderful getting to meet so many of you as I visited homes, businesses or at my coffees, and through email communications.  I hope to increase the discussion and hear more about what you’re thinking, good & bad, about the district and where we’re going.

We have a challenging time ahead of us, but I am hopeful we are able to change & adapt as needed to keep our district excellent through whatever is thrown at us.  However, it will take a lot of work from a lot of people – please, I hope you will step up and help us by using whatever skills & interests you have to make our district a better place.  Since last night, I’ve already heard from several people volunteering their services for whatever is needed.  Thank you!!!  I look forward to hearing from even more :0)  My email is, my phone is 831-0664.

Once again, thank you for your support.  I am looking forward to serving and helping keep Milford an excellent school district & a great place for us all to live!