Dr. Bauer will always be remembered

Last night, the board approved a resolution from the Facilities Naming Committee to rename the new high school commons area “Bauer Commons” in remembrance of high school principal Dr. Bauer. The committee consisted of 12 students, 3 teachers, 2 administrators and 2 community members.

Because Dr. Bauer was such a part of the students’ everyday lives, they felt this gathering place was the perfect area to carry his name.  A subcommittee has also been formed to design the “look” of the area, to make sure people are able to get a sense of who Dr. Bauer was.  The subcommittee will work with the architects and present ideas to the board.

They will also raise private funds to create a life-sized statue of Dr. Bauer to place in the area.  More information on where donations can be sent for this project will be available soon.

These are wonderful ways to honor a man who brought so much to the lives of so many in our community.

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