High school curriculum changes

High school students will see some changes in their course selection options for next year. Several curriculum areas have been revised either to increase offerings or meet evolving requirements.

Math is one area where there are changes to core curriculum. Students in the class of 2014 and on will be required to complete Algebra II by the end of junior year. They must earn 4 credits in math, including 1 credit in Algebra II. Students who complete Algebra II can then take either Algebra III or Precalculus.

Social studies will now include a new Financial Literacy requirement, which will be incorporated into the required senior Government class.

Mandarin Chinese is being listed as an option, either with an instructor or as an online option. The district is applying for grants to fund an instructor. Listing the course in the guide will help gauge student interest in the course and method of instruction.

Two additional Advanced Placement courses are also being added to our offerings: AP Art Portfolio and AP Psychology.

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