Board to hold special meeting on JH additions, new C&I positions

PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE:  Meeting will begin at 7 pm, NOT 7:30.

The board will be holding a special meeting on February 4, 2010, starting at 7:00 pm at the Junior High. The purpose of this meeting will be two-fold:  1) Discuss the possibility of using excess funds from High School construction to add four new classrooms to the Junior High; and 2) Discuss the change from having one Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction to two Directors of Curriculum & Instruction (one PreK-6, one 7-12) when Dr. Kathy Frye retires at the end of June.

Both these topics are extremely important to the future of our district.  Attendance is growing; in a few years, larger classes will hit the Junior High, requiring more space.  We must determine the best approach for accommodating these students as well as the best way to use excess bond funds from High School construction.

As curriculum requirements change, due to state and federal requirements as well as changes from new technology and 21st century learning, we must also change to meet these needs.  We will be discussing the administration’s plan to move to two curriculum & instruction staff members and what that will look like for our students, our teachers, and our budget.

Please plan to attend this important meeting if you can.  If you cannot, feel free to send questions or provide input.  We will also provide a summary of the information discussed for those who cannot be there.

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