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Highlights from 5/20/10 board meeting

May 21, 2010

Last night’s board meeting once again contained a lot of information.  Some highlights:

  • The State has cut catastrophic aid for students with disabilities.  The district expected $455,000 this year, but only $165,000 was granted.
  • The district is moving forward with the 4-room addition to the Junior High and renovations/improvements to the high school pool.
  • The board adopted a resolution supporting House Bill 494 and any Senate bill in support of it to delay adopting Social Studies & Science standards until 2011.  The board and administration feel more time and work is needed to make sure standards in these two areas cover all the information students need to succeed.
  • A long discussion was held about granting physical education (PE) credit for high school athletes and marching band members.  While the state currently provides the option for these participants to waive out of PE, Milford does not offer this to students.  In addition, SB 118, sponsored by Sen. Gardner (R-Bowling Green), would eliminate this exemption.  However, Credit Flex will allow students to earn credit in any subject – including PE – based on a variety of methods (see article on Credit Flex requirements in process).  This discussion will be continued as the Credit Flex program & requirements are identified & refined.
  • The board voted to extend Superintendent Dr. Robert Farrell’s contract for three years, from 2011-2014.  I believe I echo all board members’ feelings when I say I am thrilled Dr. Farrell has agreed to stay on with us.  He is doing a wonderful job and we are lucky to have him!
  • Steve Heck, science teacher at the Junior High, was awarded Teacher of the Year award by The Air Force Association.  Congratulations for another great job, Mr. Heck!!!
  • Jeff Lykins, chair of the Business Advisory Council, presented an overview of where the Council stands.  Eight members representing what Mr. Lykins calls the “three legs of the community,” business, government and education, have been identified to serve the current two-year term.  They hope to have their first meeting in the next month.