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Highlights from 6/17/10 school board meeting

June 18, 2010

Here are some key happenings from last night’s board meeting:

  • Information on curriculum, including the gifted program, high school advanced placement and elementary mathematics, was discussed in-depth.  The district is working to improve offerings for all levels, and is expanding a new math program, Math Investigations, that was piloted this past year.  Math Investigations provides a hands-on, problem-solving approach to math in grades K-5.
  • Community members Bill Knepp & R.J. Vilardo presented the Bauer Memorial to the district.  They shared the teamwork and commitment demonstrated by the students who worked to create a lasting monument to Dr. Bauer.  The Memorial was funded completely by the students and community – no taxpayer funds were used.  It will be placed in Bauer Commons this fall.
  • Gerry Levy, the Director of Nutrition Services, presented accomplishments for this year and goals for next year.  The department will move even farther to incorporate healthy choices and nutrition education for students and parents.  Among many other things, they are: adding programs that will teach students about healthy eating; leveraging our buying power to have our dairy supplier develop a lower sugar chocolate milk; incorporating more vegetables in recipes; offering lower fat options; and researching environmentally favorable options for trays, utensils, etc.
  • Steve Wharton, Executive Director of the Economic Development Corporation of Clermont County (ED3C), shared trends in the county regarding industry mix and future workforce development strategies.  The county is investing in long-term workforce development, which will focus in part on working more closely with local schools.  This fits with the goal of the district’s Business Advisory Council as they look for ways to partner with businesses to help students prepare for their careers.  He will return in the near future with George Vredeveld, Director of UC’s Economics Center for Education & Research, to share more information on research currently being conducted.