Highlights from 7/15/10 school board meeting

Here are the key happenings from last night’s board meeting:

  • The district saved 3%, or $1.8 million, in expenditures versus budget for fiscal year 2009-10.  This was offset by revenue decreases of $750k.  Total increase to the cash balance versus year ago from budgeted items and the additional savings was $2.8 million.
  • Construction at the high school is coming along well.  Many areas are nearing finish, and the construction company is several months ahead of schedule.  There should be no problem with having student areas ready for school on September 7.
  • Dan Yeager was hired as the new Junior High Assistant Principal.  He comes to us from Forest Hills.
  • The Business Advisory Council (BAC) has had its first meeting and discussed the tasks assigned by the board.  These are:  1) developing a program to help students learn about careers and develop skill sets needed for the workforce; 2) evaluate items recommended by community groups through the years as to their applicability to the district today; and 3) evaluate the cost effectiveness of turf for the football field.
  • The board approved a policy to allow out of district students to attend Milford if there are spots in existing classes/programs that are not currently filled.  Approval is subject to certain criteria.  These students will cost the district only for incremental supplies, but will bring in about $6,000 each.  The policy will also allow us to receive funds for staff children who are already attending.  There are currently 13 of them, resulting in additional income of $78,000 immediately.  Other families have indicated an interest in Milford.  These are families who are interested in the high level of education Milford provides.
  • The board accepted a generous donation of $5,000 from Coldwell Banker West Shell.  The donation is to support the Eagle Explorer Summer Camp, a program for at-risk elementary students.

One Response to “Highlights from 7/15/10 school board meeting”

  1. andreabrady Says:

    I had a question about out of district enrollment in another section, and I wanted to address it here as well.

    The question was, if it costs $8,400 to educate a student and we are only receiving $6,000 for each out of district student, who is going to pay that extra $2,400 per student?

    This is a great question, and it has to do with what that $8,400 number really means. It is an “after the fact” number, one that is calculated after the spending has happened. After the fiscal year is closed, the state takes the total amount a district spent the previous year and divides it by the number of students who were educated that year. It is really only good as a comparison, so you can see how you are doing in relation to other districts. It has nothing to do with the incremental cost to educate a child in a given school year.

    When you are in an actual school year, you have fixed costs that will be there no matter how many students you educate, and variable costs that are added with each student no matter what. Take a classroom of 22 students that can hold up to 25. You already have a teacher; and textbooks; and desks; and a classroom. To add a student to that classroom, there are no additional fixed costs you must add. The variable costs are low – some supplies that will not add up to a lot.

    The end result is you are spending probably a few hundred dollars additional to educate that student in an existing classroom, but you receive about $6,000 for that student. And when the “cost per student” is figured the next year, it will change because of that.

    In Milford, while some classes/grades are overcrowded, we do have some holes where out of district students can be placed. We will always make sure out of district students do not fill *all* our holes, so there is always room for income residents (people who move in the middle of the year or who switch back to public education, etc). All out of district students will have to re-apply every year to ensure we have enough space. Priority will be given to residents; then children of staff members; then out of district students who have been in Milford previously and their siblings.

    If this doesn’t make sense, please let me know. I realize this is a huge area of confusion, especially since there has been so much talk about the cost to educate a child being a fixed number like this.

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