Highlights from 8/19/10 school board meeting

Here’s what happened at last night’s board meeting:

  • The board voted to approve administrative raises for 2010-11, plus salary ranges for 2011-13.  More details can be found here.
  • The board took the first step to move one-half (0.5) of an inside mill from the general fund to a separate permanent improvement fund dedicated to maintenance of the new buildings.  More information can be found here.
  • The Milford Soccer Stadium, that was accepted as a donation by the Milford Board of Education on August 15, 1990 in memory of Charity J. Lucas, was officially named the Charity J. Lucas Soccer Stadium. Charity was killed in an automobile accident in 1990.  George Lucas, his family, and many community members came together to build the stadium in her honor, but at the time, facilities were not specifically “named” for people.
  • Open enrollment has attracted approximately 90 students.  Dr. Farrell and building principals are working together to determine where applicants can fit in classes that are currently underenrolled.  More details will be available once all students are placed.  Students are denied if they do not meet guidelines and also if the class they request is not underenrolled.  Class sizes are kept low even with open enrollees to ensure there is plenty of room for additional Milford residents.
  • The new construction at the high school is ahead of schedule and should be approved for occupancy in the next week.  There are still finishing touches to be completed, but all areas will be open with the start of school.

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