Highlights from 12/16/2010 school board meeting

This was a meeting packed full of information.  Here is a summary of key happenings:

  • The board unanimously approved contract addendums for both Superintendent Dr. Farrell and Treasurer Randy Seymour, and to extend Mr. Seymour’s contract until 2015.  You can read more about this here.
  • The district has so far saved almost $550,000 on energy usage, due to new policies and equipment.  From 2008-09 to last year, $340,000 was saved, which was 19% of the current budget.  This year, we are on track to save an additional $200,000 versus last year.
  • Our current year budget is on track to achieve the 3% savings promised to the board.
  • We are changing the way we handle appropriations, to look at a “pre-appropriation” report as departments are developing their budgets.  This is a new approach, and addresses issues raised a few months ago, as described here.
  • Emma Hall Smyth was recognized for her donation of a beautiful painting of Milford Main
  • The Business Advisory Council has been working diligently and is close to presenting results on two current projects.  They are more than willing to help support the district as needed as we work to increase efficiencies in all operational areas
  • The Milford High School Course Selection Guide was approved.  There are changes to the guide, re-working certain classes and adding new offerings to make selections more relevant and valuable to today’s educational needs and eliminating classes with low enrollment.
  • The board adopted a Physical Education waiver for students, allowing participation in at least 2 years of school-sponsored sports or marching band to waive the requirement to take gym.  However, this is a waiver, not a credit – students will be required to take two other one-semester courses for graduation credit

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