Highlights from 1/27/11 school board meeting

This month’s articles:

* Budget reductions presented; forecast revised

* Unfunded mandates under consideration

* Superintendent/Treasurer contracts explained

* President Obama makes education a State of the Union centerpiece

* P.I.E. looks for new solutions

This meeting contained two highly notable discussions:  reductions beginning in FY2015/revised five-year forecast and unfunded mandates. Other information included:

  • An update by Pete Leeper of Project Lead the Way.  This is an engineering course provided by Great Oaks.  Now in its third year, it is eligible for certification.  Students may then earn college credit at schools like OSU, Duke and Purdue.  This is only one program Great Oaks provides our students, helping them prepare for the world after high school.
  • The BAC will present its first report, on using artificial turf for the football field, next month.  The following month, their work on 21st century learning skills and citizen-identified savings opportunities should be completed.  All work will be done and presented by April at the latest.
  • I explained the numbers behind the contract changes made to Superintendent Dr. Farrell’s and Treasurer Mr. Seymour’s compensation.  Click here for more information.
  • Approximately 95 students may be redistricted next year from Pattison Elementary to McCormick Elementary, due to severe overcrowding at Pattison.  Two parents expressed their concern about this.  If the board approves the redistricting next month, the administration will work to make this transition as smooth as possible.
  • Jeff Johnson, Operations Manager, has sold some old equipment through an online auction site.  Two old pieces of equipment that had been sitting for years was sold, generating $4,000 in income and reducing our “hidden costs” of keeping the unusable items.  Auctions are the easiest way for school districts to sell unneeded items due to state requirements.  If you are interested in other equipment we will be auctioning (extra food service items, others), visit http://www.govdeals.com

One Response to “Highlights from 1/27/11 school board meeting”

  1. Brenda Ely Says:

    I am concerned about the redistricting plan that was discussed at Thursday’s meeting. The district seems to be making a patchwork out of the St Rt 28 corridor. The five mile stretch of road between Milford Main school and the district line toward Goshen has been chopped up and sent to a number of elementaries since the new schools opened.

    The lowest section of 28, around Milford Main school, attends Pattison. The next patch, beginning at Copper Blue area, will go to McCormick if the proposal becomes reality. The next patch, including Theilman’s trailer park and Edgecomb apartments goes to Seipelt. The next patch, around the Commons, goes to Mulberry. The next patch, including Pebblebrook, was redistricted to McCormick a few years ago. The next patch, around Buckwheat, goes to Mulberry. Finally, the last patch attends, around Donna Jay and Eastgate Lanes goes to Boyd E Smith. In this five mile stretch, children are attending five different elementary schools in a total of seven different patches.

    Many of these children are not attending the school closest to their homes, as the Neighborhood Schools philosophy of the district would encourage. Both of the redistricting plans designed since the new schools opened plucked students from the 28 corridor and nowhere else that I am aware of. Given the lower socioeconomic makeup of this section of town, this is a vulnerable group which is more likely to have trouble transitioning, will likely require additional supports in school and can have a large effect on an elementary school’s recources and outcomes.

    As the district finds the need to redistrict students, I would like to see this done in a more reasonable way, looking at maps, considering transportation costs, and looking at equity of socioeconomic conditions and such, so that our students and families can get the most out of their elementary experience. The action of continually picking at the St Rt 28 corridor seems irresponsible and thoughtless.

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