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Highlights from 2/17/11 school board meeting

February 18, 2011

This month’s articles:

Here are the other notable happenings at the February BOE meeting:

  • The board voted to enter the Eastern Cincinnati Athletic Conference effective in the 2012-13 school year.  We are leaving the Ft. Ancient Valley Conference (FAVC) with six other eastern Cincinnati schools (East of 71) with the goal of aligning better overall as far as location, natural rivalries, competitive programming, and reduced travel costs.  Other schools in the new ECC are Anderson, Glen Este, Kings, Turpin, Walnut Hills, and Loveland.
  • The district is working to reduce energy costs through input from staff and increased awareness of turning lights & computer monitors off, adjusting temperatures, etc.  We are also starting the new Pulse Meter program from Duke Energy, which will provide immediate feedback on energy usage.  This will allow us to see what effect changes have on our usage in real time, instead of having to wait and then figure out what was done differently 4-6 weeks previously.
  • Summer school will once again be offered for Milford residents and those outside the district.  Credit recoup and original credit in several classes will be offered, plus intervention for junior high courses.  Private enterprises will be offering options for elementary students as well.  See the district website for more information on all available summer school options.

Please note! Friday, Feb. 18 will be a school day!

February 4, 2011

The in-service day previously scheduled for Friday, Feb. 18 will now be a SCHOOL DAY!  The board voted last night to move that in-service day to the end of the year.  This allows us to make up a snow day now, instead of waiting until June.

If the law changes and the state grants us enough snow days to cover what we have taken, students will get out early at the end of the year.

This not only protects us from days we have currently taken, but also gives us a bit more leeway in case the bad weather continues in Feb. & Mar.

Monday, Feb. 21 (President’s Day) is still an OFF day, so students will still have a three day weekend.

Apologies to those of you who had plans for Friday 2/18, but this seemed the best solution for the majority of people.

Any questions, please email me.