Please note! Friday, Feb. 18 will be a school day!

The in-service day previously scheduled for Friday, Feb. 18 will now be a SCHOOL DAY!  The board voted last night to move that in-service day to the end of the year.  This allows us to make up a snow day now, instead of waiting until June.

If the law changes and the state grants us enough snow days to cover what we have taken, students will get out early at the end of the year.

This not only protects us from days we have currently taken, but also gives us a bit more leeway in case the bad weather continues in Feb. & Mar.

Monday, Feb. 21 (President’s Day) is still an OFF day, so students will still have a three day weekend.

Apologies to those of you who had plans for Friday 2/18, but this seemed the best solution for the majority of people.

Any questions, please email me.

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