Highlights from 3/17/11 school board meeting

  • Treasurer Randy Seymour will resign from Milford as of May 1, 2011.  For more information, click here.
  • Current Junior High Assistant Principal Brian Zawodny was named Principal of Mulberry Elementary starting next school year.  He’ll replace Gary Schulte, who is retiring.  Congrats, Brian!
  • State Representative Joe Uecker visited the meeting, discussing the state budget and unfunded mandates.  For more information, click here.
  • Winter State Swim and Dive Team participants were recognized for their achievements.  Boy’s Swim Team members include:  Beau Robinson, David Matulis, Connor Litmer, Cade Williams, and Thomas Prus.  Girl’s Diving Team member Margaret Craycraft was also recognized.
  • In February, BAC member Brett Bumgarner presented findings on installing artificial turf (for more info, click here).  That project had been referred to the Buildings & Grounds and Athletic committees for further review.  In the next month, Mr. Bumgarner will address questions from board members and meet with the committees.
  • The board had requested the administration to reduce this year’s expenditures by at least 3%.  We are currently on track to exceed this, with this month’s budget projecting expenditures at -3.82% versus budget.
  • All summer programs will be held at the high school to allow for group cleaning of other buildings.  This is estimated to save $14-20,000 this summer in utilities.
  • A committee has been formed to look at weighting the grades for high school honors classes.
  • Our AP participation has increased significantly in the past two years.  While we had 160 students taking AP classes in 2008-09, this number grew to 260 in 2009-10, and over 500 this year!  Taking AP classes is the best way to help ensure success in college.  For more information about AP classes in the state of Ohio, click here.
  • Milford is participating in the Race to the Top (RttT) program.  We will receive a minimum of $302,000 over four years to help revise curriculum standards, train teachers, and move to performance-based assessments.
  • The April board meeting has been moved to April 28, 2011, 7 pm at Mulberry Elementary. This is because the regular date (April 21, the third Thursday of the month) falls during spring break.

2 Responses to “Highlights from 3/17/11 school board meeting”

  1. Marlene Schmidt Says:

    On the list of swimmers honored you left out Alex Frank who actively participated at State in the Medley relay with Beau R., Dave M., and Connor L. He was on this team that now holds that relay record and broke Elliot Keefer’s backstroke record and holds that as well. He was present at the meeting.

    Twice he has been not listed for National Honor Society.

    I would appreciate the problem being fixed as it is uncomfortable for us tohave to say something after the fact.

    Marlene Schmidt (mother)

    • andreabrady Says:

      Marlene, I apologize – I’m sorry for my oversight, and I will make sure this is passed on. You and he obviously have a lot to be proud of – congratulations!

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