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Highlights from 5/19/11 school board meeting

May 20, 2011

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Here are some of the other highlights from the meeting:

  • The Milford Junior High School has received a $10,000 UAct Grant from Red Robin for demonstrating “unbridled acts of kindness” above & beyond the norm.  The school worked hard this year to find ways to help each other and the community.  The new Builder’s Club, a group that reaches out to help the community, was a big part of this.   This year, the Junior High has received over $30,000 in grants and awards for various programs – congratulations to the staff & students who have worked hard to make this happen!
  • The Varsity Winter Guard Team placed third at the Winter Guard International National Championships in April.  Milford is the first school from Ohio in 11 years to receive a medal!  For next year, the team has been promoted from Scholastic A to Scholastic Open class – there are only 60 schools in the nation who compete at this level, and Milford is one of three from Ohio.
  • Milford’s Nutrition department was recognized by Ohio Education Matters as one of the most efficient food service providers in the state.