Highlights from 8/18/11 school board meeting

Articles this month:

* Carryover balance increased, administration decreased, but financial challenges continue
* Energy costs decrease under Energy Savings Program
* “Night of the Stars” benefits Milford Schools and fun for all!
* Facebook – what’s appropriate for teachers & students?
* Kids are amazing!

This month’s board meeting was fairly quiet, with only a few items to note.  Two articles linked above, “Carryover balance increased” and “Energy costs decrease” address savings the district is making in order to reduce future levy needs as much as possible.  Other interesting items:

* The district recognized Debra Fardy and Marilyn Kroger for coordinating volunteer work to improve the school grounds this summer, and also Jim Eckles for ShareFest’s support of the district
* Treasurer Debbie Burton summarized the Federal grants the district will receive this year.  The total of $2.8 million includes Race to the Top money as well as other support grants.  This will be the last year for the Ed Jobs grant of $616,000.  This grant paid for supplemental personnel in aide and support positions.  These positions will be eliminated next year unless we receive an additional grant for them; this was planned from the point the grant was received, in order to prevent expenses from growing permanently after grant monies are no longer available.
* Several textbooks and classes are being revised to meet standards or provide new opportunities that fit better with current student needs

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