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Highlights from 9/15/11 school board meeting

September 16, 2011

Articles this month:
NEW! Athletic update
Excellent Again!
Milford creates our own “report card”
Creativity & innovation are skills that can be taught
Cursive writing helps brain development

NOTE:  Board president George Lucas & I will be holding an open community discussion at Padrino’s on Wednesday, October 26, 7-8:30 pm.  We’ll provide the appetizers – grab a drink, relax & enjoy lively discussion about Milford and school districts in general!

Once again, a fairly quiet month.  There are several articles this month, most of which are a bit long – I apologize, and to borrow Mark Twain’s thought, “I didn’t have time to write short articles.”  Before we get into details – if you missed the Milford Administration Flash Mob that started off the school year for teachers, be sure to check it out!

Most of the information is in the articles above; here are a few other notable happenings:

  • Boyd art teacher Mrs. Cooper and five students presented the Lead Artists & 21st Century Art program.  This program brings in professional artists to work with students on community art.  A true 21st century program, students learn to collaborate with a leader and each other; problem solve as they determine the best way to create their artwork; communicate with each other through the project; and of course, the entire program is about creativity!  You can see the students’ public artwork on display in various places at Boyd
  • Jeff Hardin, our Ohio Board of Education representative, presented the “Excellent” banner to recognize Milford’s state rating for the 2010-11 school year
  • Milford Christian Church and IHSAN were recognized for their generous donations of school supplies to students in need.  Milford Christian Church provided supplies for every grade, every elementary; IHSAN donated 80 new backpacks filled with supplies
  • Kevin McDarty, a community member, shared his concern about the new wellness regulation and how it relates to the needs of diabetic students.  The regulation will be adjusted to meet these needs.
  • The Fiscal Year 2012 Appropriations were approved, with the caveat that this is simply to meet state reporting timing.  We are continuing to work on the appropriations to identify additional savings.
  • Theresa Herron, Editor and Mary Dannemiller, Reporter, were recognized by the Milford Board of Education for their commitment to the district and its students.  The board approved a resolution to name Theresa and Mary to the OSBA Media Honor Roll 2011
  • Following administrative reorganization, Tim Ackermann was appointed as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Operations, and Marc Hopkins as Coordinator of Technology Services.  Both these changes are in title only.  Mr. Ackermann is our only Assistant Superintendent, which is a necessary position in a district the size of Milford.  He has also taken on a tremendous amount of additional responsibility with the cuts to administration.