Highlights from 11/17/11 school board meeting

Articles this month:

Here are the highlights from this month’s school board meeting:

  • Five high school seniors were recognized as Commended Students for their PSAT scores:  Julia Evanoff, Alexander Frank, Karen Kuhn, Eliza Marchant and Nicholas Troehler.  These students were in the top 1% of all who took the test last year – over 1.5 million students!  Congratulations to all five for this tremendous achievement!
  • We are on track to save 2% on the overall budget this year.  That 2% is already built into the Five-Year Forecast.
  • While many school districts are discovering how to save money through “shared services,” Milford has been working with other school districts and governmental entities for years in order to reduce expenses.  Jeff Johnson, Operations Manager, shared some of the areas where we cooperate with other districts:  technology; food service; custodial supplies; electrical supplies; road salt (purchased from Miami Township); health insurance; and more.  These agreements are saving us hundreds of dollars this year.  We continue to compare our costs/savings to other options to ensure we do not simply assume we will be saving, and we also continue to seek out opportunities to work with other groups and find new ways to reduce expenses without affecting education.
  • Meadowview Elementary is the first elementary to institute a Student Council.  The goal is to integrate various grades while teaching decision-making and leadership skills.  The program is off to a good start, and could become a model for our other elementaries!
  • The district always receives quite a few donations, but this month was exceptional.  We recognized Tim Rhea of Milford Commercial Cleaning Services, who donated his services to help clean Milford Main.  While parts of this building is rented out or used by community groups, much of it is dormant – and dirty.  Mr. Rhea not only cleaned once for us – he asked the board to approve Milford Commercial Cleaning going in every 90 days to continue the effort!  This is part of their company giving back to the community.
  • We also accepted $42,000 in donations from the Meadowview PTA for 10 projections systems, three Smart Boards and a Leveled Book Room.  As of January, every classroom in January will have a projection system!  In addition, the MHS Special Education Department received a Nordic Track from Diane Snow, and the MHS Athletic Department received a Napoleon McCallum memorabilia framed print from Kate & Tim Ackermann.

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