Highlights from 1/19/12 school board meeting

Articles this month:

TIFs revised, district to receive additional income
Board committees or work sessions open to the public
New section:  Parent group update – After Prom Cake Auction Fundraiser
Athletic update

Sixth graders learn persuasive skills

School funding still up in the air

No Child Left Behind celebrates 10th anniversary

Lots of donations recognized this month – thank you to all who help the district in various ways!  Also, the budget continues to look good:

  • Mark Lutz, Milford HS principal, thanked the PTSA, the Athletic Boosters, and the Band Boosters for their hard work and financial support of the district and our students.  This past year, the PTSA donated $23,000 in cash plus countless hours, including the After Prom event; the Athletic Boosters donated $103,000 to the athletic complex and thousands of hours; and the Band Boosters donated $10,200 in cash plus over 5,000 hours.  Thank you all for the support!
  • The Milford Schools Foundation presented almost $24,000 in grants to 30 teachers.  And there is more coming – this is only for the first half of the year!
  • The district recognized MAST (Milford Area Swim Team) for their $5,000 donation of a new door to the pool.  The old door was a safety hazard.  MAST is continuing to work with the district to identify future projects.
  • The board had asked the administration to reduce the current year’s budget by 2%.  We are currently on track to save 3.31% this year.
  • Two events are coming up:  The Athletic Boosters’ Flight Night on March 15; and the Milford Schools Foundation’s Night of the Starts on September 29 (Homecoming weekend)

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