Highlights from 2/16/12 school board meeting

Articles this month:

Board supports artificial turf fundraising efforts

Board discusses goals for 2012

Summer School offerings

Athletic Update

Will Ohio become a “Right-to-Work” state?

Can’t afford a private university?  Think again.

The following is a summary of what was discussed at this month’s school board meeting:

  • Expenses continue to come in under budget, with the percent of savings increasing slightly every month.  As of 1/31, savings versus budget is -3.41%.  The board had requested the administration reduce the budget at least -2%.  Treasurer Debbie Caudle is hoping to hold the savings to at least the -3.41% for the fiscal year, which ends 6/30/12.
  • The first BOE Work Session, which we are testing as a possibility to replace the current committee system, will be held Thursday, March 8, from 7-9 pm at the Milford Board of Education Office, 777 Garfield Ave., Milford, in the conference room.  The March and April Work Sessions are tests; we are therefore not taping them, as we want to determine a format first.  If the board decides to stay with Work Sessions vs. committees, we will begin taping for public access TV at that point.
  • Dr. Farrell provided an update on Race to the Top.  We are using the funds we received to help identify areas that need improvement, especially in differentiation, methods of instruction, and cognitive levels of lessons. We are also piloting the new state of Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, which will start in 2013-14.  The Social Studies Curriculum Revision Committee is continuing its work on K-12 social studies curriculum.  Finally, this spring, we will be linking each student in grades 4-8 to a teacher for math and reading.  The data collected, which will evaluate if the student has grown equal to, more or less than a year’s worth in a year’s time, goes into the Value Added measurement for the state report card.  It’s important to note that most of the items we are completing under Race to the Top are required by law.  Those districts that did not participate in the program still have to complete them – but we are lucky to be doing so with extra funds so we do not have to tap the General Fund and we have more money available to invest in doing them right.
  • Pattison sixth grade students will be presenting the musical “Joust” next Friday, 2/24.
  • The Athletic Boosters will present their annual fundraiser, “Flight Night,” on Thursday, March 15 at the Oasis Conference Center.  For more information about attending or sponsorships, click here.

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