Highlights from 4/19/12 school board meeting

Update: Click here to read the results of the community survey

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Athletic Update
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A lot happened at last night’s school board meeting:

  • Dave Meranda, President of the Athletic Boosters, presented a check for $170,200, which represents the full balance of the donation the Athletic Boosters committed to for the athletic campus upgrades.  The total amount of $425,500 paid for the tennis courts and soccer field upgrades, with $105,500 contributed to offset other costs for athletic upgrades.  The amount was originally to be paid off by August, 2013; the Boosters have paid off the amount 16 months early!  Thank you, Athletic Boosters, for your support & commitment to the district!
  • The Drug-Free Coalition is presenting a program, “Parents Who Host Lose the Most” on Tuesday, May 1, 7-9 pm at the MHS cafeteria.  Any parent of a junior or senior who attends will receive a free after-prom ticket, and students who attend are eligible to win a laptop.  Please RSVP by 4/30 at 566-2267.
  • The Coalition is also hosting Medication Disposal Day on 4/28 at Target stores from 10 am-2 pm.  The police will be collecting prescription medication and disposing of it properly, with the goal of reducing abuse of leftover prescriptions.
  • The district budget for this year continues to track at just over 2% savings.  The board had requested this amount of savings at the beginning of the year, and the administration is delivering on their promise to deliver it.
  • We will be receiving additional revenues versus projections, which will be incorporated in a revised Five Year Forecast next month.  Combined with the reductions, this means we will be “living within our means” (i.e., spending less than we took in) for 4 years in a row.
  • The Mulberry Elementary PTO donated a total of $24,500 for 7 projector systems; school programs and assemblies; supplements for classroom libraries; and 6 Mimio Teach Interactive Systems.  Thank you, Mulberry PTO!
  • Milford’s Food Service Department has agreed to provide food service to the Finneytown School District.  This is the fifth district we serve outside of Milford.  By serving other districts, the Food Service Department is able to increase their own efficiencies, keeping prices as low as possible, while also “paying their way” through reimbursements to the district’s General Fund for support received from various departments.  This is a win-win-win for the department, the district, and other school districts.
  • Mark Trout, previously Director of Athletics, has accepted the new position, Director of Athletics & Extracurricular Activities.  See article here.
  • In March, a public opinion survey was fielded.  See article here.
  • Last week, we held our first webinar, on district finances.  See article here.
  • The board voted unanimously to return to board committees for monthly business, versus the work sessions we tested for two months.  Board committee meetings are open to the public.  We will continue to hold work sessions to address issues that are better served from more communication between all five board members.

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    […] This post is a little late, as I have been waiting on the results of the Milford Community Survey. The agenda from the April 19th meeting is here, and for those Milford residents who want additional info can always take a look at Board Member Andrea Brady’s blog entries from April. […]

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