Highlights from 5/17/12 school board meeting

Articles this month:
* Five-year forecast approved
Social Studies curriculum meets new standards, 21st century requirements
* Milford Schools Foundation grants $30k to MEVSD
* Milford named 73rd in Ohio, 1,495 in US, by US News & World Report

* Athletic Update
* Extracurricular Update

May was a busy month for the Milford School District.  Here are the highlights of what happened at last night’s meeting:

  • The district accepted several donations.  The first was from 3M, which moved to Milford about a year ago and has been exceptionally generous.  This year, they have donated over $32,000 for microscopes, graphing calculators, other materials and various programs.  Their support is greatly appreciated!
  • The second donation was from the Milford Schools Foundation, also a relatively new addition to Milford and a group that has provided amazing support already.  Read the article here.
  • The third donation was from Bzak.  They were generous enough to provide mulch and 8 plants, valued at $200, to help make the Central Office on Garfield spruce up for spring.
  • Bill Knepp talked about the Korean War Veterans Gathering & Trail of Freedom dedication that will take place tomorrow at 3 pm at Miami Meadows park.  Our students all stepped up to help add to the memorial by raising funds for granite benches that feature various historical documents, like the Declaration of Independence.  Mr. Knepp and the memorial are also being honored by the Thomas Paine Society – a huge accomplishment!  Please come out for the ceremony tomorrow, or just to walk the trail and see the memorial.
  • The board adopted a resolution to allow students to make up three extra calamity days via online work.  This is a new law that started last year – school districts have the option to allow make-up work to be provided via the Internet (or hard copy for those students without Internet access).  This would be for days over & above the five that are currently allowed.  If we have another tough winter like two years ago, this could be very helpful.
  • The MHS Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) has split into two groups:  the Milford High School Academic Boosters and the Partnership for Milford High School After Prom.  Splitting the organization allows for better focus on specific missions by different groups.  Both these groups are non-profit corporations that are filing for IRS non-profit status.
  • The board voted on two projects for the Business Advisory Council (BAC) to take on this year.  Chair Tom Rocklin suggested looking at the business potential of Milford Main to determine what space would be usable and how to market it.  Since there is currently no opportunity to sell this building, it is to the district’s advantage to rent it out and bring in any income we can.  The second project is to look at opportunities to develop Shared Service agreements.  We currently use this approach in food service and payroll services – and we are cutting-edge among school districts in our approach.
  • Jeff Johnson, Operations Manager, was able to reduce transportation cost by a quarter of a million dollars vs. last year by looking at routing.  We were able to reduce four routes by adjusting and combining where possible.  He will continue to work closely with Petermann to continue to look for efficiencies and other opportunities to save.
  • Dr. Jill Chin, Director of Elementary Curriculum & Instruction, shared initial results from a new math program we are implementing with sixth graders.  Standard math tracks allow for students to enter Algebra one year early, in eighth grade.  However, we know many of our students could move more quickly than this.  Starting this year, teachers identified sixth grade students with the potential to move into Algebra (standard for ninth graders) in seventh graders.  Forty-five students were identified, and 43 participated in the program.  These students are doing their regular work during the day, and completing seventh grade math on their own time with help from JH teachers.  So far, everything is going smoothly, with students achieving a 90 average on their seventh grade work!

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