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Highlights from 6/21/12 school board meeting

June 24, 2012

Articles this month:

Board passes resolution to put 4.5 mill levy on November, 2012 ballot

            * Reductions total +$20 million over 5 years
            * What is the impact if we don’t pass a levy?
            * Levy amount needed escalates quickly

College readiness is an issue

Save Clermont Schools survey will provide perspective

The Other Wes Moore

Here is what happened at this month’s school board meeting:

  • The board officially hired Interim Treasurer Debbie Caudle as Treasurer.  Mrs. Caudle has done a wonderful job in the past year getting up to speed on Milford under the tutelage of former Treasurer Randy Seymour.  We are thrilled she stepped up to take on this role several years before expected, and she is a welcome addition to the Milford staff.  Welcome, Mrs. Caudle!
  • The 2011-12 budget, which will close out on June 30, 2012, is currently 5.2% under budget.  The board had requested savings of at least 2%.  The final amount will be available at the July board meeting, once all accounts are closed.
  • The board approved the handbooks for the 2012-13 school year.  The Athletics Handbook has been updated to include Extracurriculars – this is the first time there has been a handbook covering all extracurriculars.
  • The HS and JH handbooks include a revised dress code.  Several things have changed.  Most notable are:  1) Upper garments must include sleeves that cover the top of the shoulder; 2) clothing of see-through material must have an upper garment underneath that has sleeves that cover the shoulder; 3) all lower garment must reach at least approx. the second knuckle of the middle finger; and 4) all lower garments must be free of rips, tears, or holes above mid-thigh.  The other changes are variations on requirements already in place.  The new dress code standards WILL BE ENFORCED!  Notices will be going out to share the entire dress code with parents and students; please plan on ensuring your child has clothing to meet them, as they will be required to meet dress code or face unexcused absences.
  • We will now be offering Chinese at the junior high and high school, with the goal being to grow this program to a full Chinese language offering.  Junior high students may take Chinese I or Chinese culture; high school students may take Chinese I.  We were able to hire a highly-qualified teacher who has been teaching at the college level.  She will be a half-time Chinese teachers, and half-time English Language Learner teacher.
  • Four students are earning some money but most importantly gaining great experience this summer by helping the district with installation of wiring at the elementaries so the building can be wireless.  They are doing a great job and are 3 weeks ahead of schedule!  Students are 16+ years old, due to hiring restrictions if we hire younger students.