Highlights from 10/18/12 school board meeting

Why did I vote to put a levy on the ballot?
District looks for savings & local income
What’s in a number?
Excellent for 9 straight years!
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update


Here are the highlights from the 10/18/12 school board meeting:

*  The Partners for a Drug-Free Milford Miami Township are hosting Red Ribbon Week, an alcohol-tobacco-drug prevention campaign, the week of October 22.  This will culminate with a Youth Summit entitled “Above the Influence” on October 26 at the Miami Township Civic Center, which is a day-long dialog among youth about their concerns re: drugs and alcohol.

*  The Business Advisory Council (BAC) met Monday, September 24 and reviewed the two topics they will be evaluating (rental plan for Milford Main and potential for additional Shared Service opportunities).  They began discussions and will meet at Milford Main to see the building for their next meeting on Tuesday, October 23.

*  The board approved the new Five-Year Forecast, which has only a few changes from the version approved in the spring.  School districts are required to submit revised Five-Year Forecasts to the state by the end of each October.  The forecast includes the loss of revenue from the Tangible Personal Property tax, which is being phased out much earlier and more quickly than originally promised.  It also includes a 1% raise and increments for personnel (except administrators) this year, and no raise or increments for next year.  Administrators have had a salary freeze for the past two years.  The biggest change to the forecast is the addition of $1.5 million that was being set aside until the situation with Duke Energy was resolved.  That has been resolved, and the $1.5 million is free to be returned to the General Fund.  This is a one-time amount, not ongoing.



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