Highlights from 1/24/13 school board meeting

4.5 mill levy on ballot May 7, 2013
Athletic & Band Boosters providing fun morning to raise funds
Working with Columbus
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

Here is what happened at the Milford school board meeting on January 24, 2013:

  • R.J. Vilardo, a well-known name in all our schools for his unfailing support of education and our students, left us unexpectedly this past November.  R.J. will be remembered and honored by naming the Pattison Primary Playground in his memory.  This is especially fitting since in 2002, he helped secure the land for Pattison.  A committee consisting of Gregg Curless, principal at Pattison; George Lucas, school board member; Jeff Johnson, the district’s operations manager; and Bill Knepp, a community member and R.J.’s long-time friend, worked on the memorial.
  • The Milford Schools Foundation awarded $31,000 in grants, for a total of $94,000 awarded over the past two years.  The awards were for technology, curriculum materials, support programs and other items teachers and administrators need to help improve their programs.  These are items that would not be available other ways.  Thank you, Milford Schools Foundation, for your ongoing support!
  • November 2 will be the annual Night of the Stars, a fundraising dinner hosted by the Milford Schools Foundation.  Mark your calendar for a good time that helps our students and district!
  • The New Voices final exhibition will take place this Saturday, 2/2, at 1 pm at the Covenant First Presbyterian Church, 717 Elm St.  New Voices is a program between Milford High School photography students and City Gospel Mission, where students and residents explore Over-the-Rhine together in pictures and words.
  • The district will receive $136,000 in casino revenue this calendar year.  Next year, we will receive two payments from casino revenue, one in January and one in August.  We do not yet know the amount for next year.
  • Hilltop Research donated microscopes, cameras and other items, for a total of $10,000.  Thank you, Hilltop!
  • 69 sixth graders are in a math cohort group that will allow them to accelerate their math two years.  They start in sixth grade, accelerating their studies so they are able to start 9th grade math (the equivalent of Algebra) in seventh grade instead of the standard accelerated program that starts in eighth grade.  By their senior year of high school, they are then eligible to take the second year of Calculus, Calc BC, if they choose.  This is a great way to challenge our math-talented students, and we’re so proud of their hard work!
  • Student progress reports will now be available electronically.  This not only saves paper, but also allows us to utilize our electronic options (i.e., Progress Book) to help parents gain better and faster access to their students’ progress.  Paper copies are also available upon request, and HS report cards will still be sent home in paper form since GPA cannot be calculated through the online system.
  • Summer School is once again available for both recovery classes and original credit.  Summer School breaks even, not costing the district anything extra.  Milford students are given first priority; out-of-district students may attend if space is available for an extra $25.

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