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Highlights from 2/21/13 school board meeting

February 22, 2013

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Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

The February 21, 2013 school board meeting was I believe the shortest I have experienced.  There is not that much new going on right now, but here are the highlights:

  • The Athletic Boosters annual fundraiser, Flight Night, will feature 2012 Reds Hall of Famer “The Mayor” Sean Casey and special guest Todd Benzinger.  The event, which will take place March 14 from 6-10:30 pm, will be MC’d by sports columnist Paul Daugherty.  Tickets are $50, with VIP tickets $100.  Call 576-2208 for ticket information.
  • Over 600 high school students have been invited to take AP classes next year.  Students are invited based on their scores on the PSAT and PLAN tests, which provide predictive information on what AP classes students are likely to do well in.  The EXPLORE test, the first in the ACT series (EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT) is given to eighth graders.  We are now using data from the EXPLORE test compared to student performance in ninth grade to predict success in honors classes.  Based on eighth grade EXPLORE tests and teacher recommendations, over 300 students have been invited to take honors classes their freshman year.  The honors program is a great feeder program into the AP program, and this type of evaluation as early as possible helps raise the rigor for our students, so they are college and career ready when they leave Milford.
  • Treasurer Debbie Caudle is monitoring the $750,000 in reductions made this year by line item to ensure these savings are achieved.  She expects no issue in achieving these and the other reductions the board requested for 2012-13 (2% of non-personnel expenses.
  • Thank you to Joe Kuethe, who donated eight flat screen monitors, valued at $400 each.