Highlights from 3/21/13 school board meeting

Seipelt Elementary named School of Promise
Teaching our children how to think
The simplicity of creativity
Basketball team enjoys special cakes
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

State of the School presentation, hosted by the Silver Eagles Community Outreach committee
Interview with Confidence program flyer

Realtor Kevin Duffy interviews Assistant Superintendent Tim Ackermann about details on the Milford school levy – click here

Here are the highlights from the March 21 school board meeting:

  • The Drug Free Coalition produced two public service announcements on staying drug- and alcohol-free, one by Junior High students, the other by High School students.  The HS version was entered in a community-wide competition and has received very strong scores; it is unknown whether they won yet.
  • We are 2/3 of the way through the budget year and still on track.  Treasurer Debbie Caudle is carefully monitoring the budget, including the areas where reductions were made.
  • The Senior Engagement Committee, a board committee designed to increase interaction between retirees and our students, changed its name to the Silver Eagles Community Outreach committee.
  • The Junior High will have required summer reading for all students starting this year, instead of just honors students.  It is extremely important to emphasize reading, and to keep students’ reading skill up during the summer months.  A number of exciting books have been chosen.  There will also be cross-curricular connections next school year, allowing interdisciplinary lessons with science and language arts.

2 Responses to “Highlights from 3/21/13 school board meeting”

  1. David Stiles Says:

    Having grown up here, graduated here, and still live here, I am sickened that 83% of my property tax bill goes to the Milford Schools and they continue to constantly have their hands out for more! When are people going to wake up and realize that taxpayers just cannot give up more of their salaries to fund the greed and waste of school boards and politicians further? A Superintendent who makes almost 3 times more in salary, perks, and benefits than most of the residents that pay his salary is inexcusable. Anyone who would like to have a face to face meeting with me about Common Sense and our schools, please do. David Stiles – ohioandkentucky@yahoo.com.. (put School Levy in the subject line).

  2. andreabrady Says:

    Hi David,
    I agree it’s frustrating that schools need to keep coming back to taxpayers. However, that is the way school funding in Ohio works. Because a levy amount can never increase (i.e., if the district receives $4 million from a levy today, they will receive that same $4 million next year, in five years, in ten years, and so on), our revenue cannot grow with inflation or increases in attendance, etc. It would be as if your salary was never increased, no matter what – not for inflation, or a raise, or anything – yet your expenses continued to increase every year.

    As far as the superintendent compensation – remember, this person is running a $50-some million dollar business. No one who functions as a CEO for this level of business would be compensated at the average income an area has, since the area includes more people who are not in management positions than are.

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