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Highlights from 4/19/13 school board meeting

April 19, 2013

Realtor Kevin Duffy presents video on levy
Managing the community’s money wisely
“Cheating’s not our fault”
Athletic Update
Extracurricular Update

  • Four students from New Taipei City in China who are part of the Cincinnati Culture and Education Exchange Program are attending Milford this spring.  The students and their host families were recognized and welcomed.
  • The current year’s budget is on track with the $750,000 that was reduced following the November levy failure, and also the 3% reduction of non-personnel expenditures.  We will know more about where we will finish the year after this month.
  • Treasurer Debbie Caudle reported that the average spending by Ohio school districts in 2011-12 was $10,597/pupil.  Milford’s spending was $9,332.  If we were to spend the same amount as an average Ohio district, we would have to add over $8 million to our budget!  For more perspective on our cost/pupil, and to see how the state number is actually higher than it should be, read this article.
  • Donations were accepted from Kerry & Margaret Byrne ($250) and Thomas A. Wildey School (equipment valued at $2,206.35)
  • The Senior Summer Reading book is Where Am I wearing? By Kelsey Timmerman.  Our high school English department collaborated with Northern Kentucky University on the selection of this book.  Their freshmen will read the same book, and a group of seniors will visit NKU next year and take a class with NKU’s English students.  This is a program that started by accident this year, when Milford happened to choose the same book as NKU; it was so successful, we are continuing it next year!
  • George Lucas and Debbie Caudle attended the Miami Township Trustees meeting last Tuesday to discuss the levy; the Trustees are very supportive of the levy.  I attended the City of Milford Council meeting on Tuesday as well.  Council members were also very supportive of the levy and what the district is doing.