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Highlights from 6/20/13 school board meeting

June 25, 2013

* Athletic Boosters to install artificial turf in HS football field
* All taxpayers have the right to share their positions on tax issues

  • Last year, Food Service managed 28 programs at 23 different schools with over 100 employees.  They took over custodial labor for the kitchens, provided catering at no charge for select district events, and started a meal program for our police and firepeople.  They implemented a more efficient management process based on a central manager concept.  They worked with wellness programs, allergies, a district garden and other medical conditions.  By serving other districts, including St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Wyoming, Madeira and others, they were able to repay the district’s general fund for services they used, such as accounting, utilities, and more.  This is especially notable since most school district food service programs require additional investment from the general fund.
  • The district recognized our safety services personnel from Milford and Miami Township.  These public servants support our schools and district in a variety of ways, from DARE and other programs, to resource officers, to security training.  Thank you, police & fire personnel!
  • Our 2012-13 budget is still on track, and we will have final numbers in July.
  • Sarah Greb Becker will be the new principal at Seipelt Elementary.  Sarah has experience as a teacher and also as assistant principal at the Junior High.  Despite enjoying her time with the 7th & 8th graders, she is excited to get back to the elementary level, her first love.