.5 mills to be moved to Permanent Improvement Fund for new construction

The board took the first step to move one-half of one inside mill from the General Fund to an allocated Permanent Improvement Fund that will be used to pay for upkeep on the four new elementary schools, the new addition/renovation of the high school, and the addition to the junior high.  The total amount to be moved is just under $500,000.

The State of Ohio requires the district to allocate .5 mills for permanent improvement before we can be approved to receive matching funds from the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission.  We are slated to receive 28% of qualifying spending on new construction.

Moving this inside millage will NOT increase taxes for residents.  This is simply an internal move, from the General Fund where monies can be spent on any school expenses, to a fund specifically allocated for maintenance for new construction only.  Maintenance for buildings not built through OSFC will be paid either through the existing Permanent Improvement Fund (funds not allocated to new construction) or through the General Fund.

Jeff Johnson, the district’s Operations Manager, is finishing a 5-year maintenance plan that will outline expected needs for all district facilities.  The plan will be discussed at the September board meeting.

3 Responses to “.5 mills to be moved to Permanent Improvement Fund for new construction”

  1. Patricia Pachta Says:

    You only mention 4 elementary schools – there are 6 in the district and as parent from Boyd E. Smith I feel that our school has been slighted and NO improvements have been made to our school that the PTO has helped pay for or pushed. Our gym floor is a disgrace but because the district plans on renovating “sometime” in the future nothing will be done about it. I’m very disappointed that Boyd’s gym floor will not be replaced for safety.

  2. andreabrady Says:

    Patricia, the money that will be moved to this fund can be used by law only for the new construction – that’s why the 4 elementary schools were mentioned. Our elementary was Seipelt, so I know how you feel about Boyd, but without more bond money, options are limited. However, the Buildings & Grounds committee is working on a plan for the gym floor. I know they’ve looked at several options and are getting close – I will check on where they are on that.

  3. andreabrady Says:

    Patricia, I was woefully behind the curve on knowing what was going on with Boyd’s gym floor. As you know by now, the district was able to replace the floor this summer. We had our meeting there last night and it looks great! Sorry I wasn’t able to get you this information sooner.

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