About Andrea Brady

Brady, A headshotI am committed to making our public school the best it can be by supporting and enhancing the excellent education we already provide, while ensuring operations are fiscally responsible and communications are responsive and respectful to all community members.

I have been involved with the Milford School District since 2003, working to support the district in a variety of ways. I’ve worked on operating levies (2003 & 2008), both successful, co-chairing in 2003. In 2003 & 2008, I was appointed to the Business Advisory Council (BAC). I was asked to participate on the 2009 BAC but chose instead to run for school board. In 2004, I chaired the Communications Committee for Citizens for Excellent Schools, a BAC committee formed to identify administrative efficiencies. I was a member of the 2008 Superintendent’s Transportation Committee, and was asked by Dr. Farrell to review Petermann’s revised contract.

In addition to working with the district, I have challenged it. As co-founder of New Options for Better Schools, I questioned operations and approaches. In 2007, the BAC asked us to provide an analysis on Neighborhood vs. Grade Level Schools. I evaluated transportation costs for each, showing how Neighborhood Schools, which were preferred by the community, were significantly less expensive than Grade Level Schools, which were being proposed by the board as a cost-savings option. I also was a founder of Common Ground, a group that worked to bring together the different factions of the community to unite for what we all want: an excellent education for our kids at a reasonable & responsible cost.

I’ve also been a strong supporter of educational options within the district. I created and run the Community Press column contest, “Be A Journalist!”, in which all 6th grade Language Arts Honors students participate. I also created and teach a newspaper class for Seipelt 6th graders. I’m currently working with the administration on another community-based educational project we hope to bring to Milford students.

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