Administrative raises approved, board votes 3-2

On August 19, the Milford School Board approved raises for administrators for 2010-11, plus administrative salary ranges for 2011-13.  Administrators will receive an incremental increase per the current salary schedule based on performance, plus all administrators will receive a 2% raise.

Beginning next year, administrator raises will be based solely on individual performance.  The board voted to eliminate the current “step increment” salary schedule for administrators and approved position ranges instead.  This will allow each person to receive an increase commensurate with performance, allocated from the total amount available for raises that is approved by the board.

While teacher and classified personnel raises are negotiated through collective bargaining, which places different types of requirements on the process, there are no similar constraints on timing for administrative raises.  Because of this, board member Gary Knepp and I felt the board should wait before approving raises until the 2010-11 budget appropriation was available, and that administrative raises should be pushed back every year to be in line with the budgeting period.  While administrative raises are traditionally given at the start of the contract year in August, we both feel it is more fiscally responsible to have the next year’s budget available before raises are approved.

In June, the administration promised to offset the cost of teacher/classified raises through additional operational efficiencies and new revenue.  Gary commented he would be more comfortable voting for the administrative raises once he had a plan outlining these savings in front of him.

I also questioned the idea of giving all administrators, regardless of individual performance, an across-the-board raise (2%).  While this is standard for union employees, I do not feel it is an appropriate approach for non-union personnel, who should be rewarded individually.  This will be eliminated next year when we move to salary ranges versus an incremental step system.

3 Responses to “Administrative raises approved, board votes 3-2”

  1. Larry Deel Says:

    As you probably know, I am a firm believer in performance based increases. There’s no doubt that creates incentives for people to do a good job. I am curious as to what the criteria will be for evaluating administrator performance.

  2. Joe Netzel Says:


    This is a step in a very positive and pragmatic direction. Thanks for your efforts.

  3. andreabrady Says:

    Thanks, Joe, I’m very happy with the new direction. I also hope that next year we are able to hold off on decisions until we have a budget in front of us.

    Larry, the incremental raises this year for administrators were based on merit. There were personal and building goals people had to meet. Dr. Farrell will work to clarify these even further for next year and ongoing.

    With the change to a “range” where there are no “steps,” it takes our system to one more typical in the private sector. That way, instead of just getting “one increment” or “two increments,” raise levels can be personalized to compensate for specific successes and opportunities.

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