Annual Progress Report gives overview of district accomplishments, direction

Last year, the school board discussed the need to look at more than just state reports when evaluating our performance.  State reports provide a snapshot of what our students are achieving.  While they can reflect what students have learned through the year, they only represent what the students were able to do on that specific day.

In addition, they do not reflect the whole student – the student who plays a sport, is in drama, and sang in honor choir.

To provide a better picture of who our students are, what they are accomplishing, and where the district is going, we agreed to implement an annual “progress report” to give a holistic view of the district and its education program.  Dr. Farrell presented our first report last night, highlighting items from spending, to graduation, curricular achievement, athletics, extracurriculars, and more.

The report will be posted online and I will link it here.  In the meantime, here are just a few of the highlights presented last night:

  • Our performance index, which is a compilation of every child’s score on the state test, has continued to grow steadily over the past four years.  In 2007-8, we scored 100.8, which put us in the Excellent category.  Since then, we have increased every year, and we are now at 105.1 – a huge achievement!
  • Despite this steady academic growth, we have kept spending down.  Last year, we spent $9,748 per student, which is below other excellent districts such as Loveland ($9,754), Forest Hills ($10,496), Mariemont ($12,522) and Indian Hill ($15,209).  In fact, we are below the state average of $10,705 per student.
  • Our graduation rate continues to climb.  Over 96% of our students graduated this past May, versus 95% the year before.  While the state report will show a lower number, this is because of a change in reporting; if we are to compare apples-to-apples and look at how graduation rate has been measured all years up to now, our rate is 96%.
  • We continue to focus on 21st century learning methods, with good results.  Our new math program has given students a large boost in their math ability (based on testing results), and allows for more personalized attention.
  • 50% of students at the high school participate in extracurricular activities; 74% of junior students participate.
  • Our kindergarten students show a high readiness for first grade:  our readiness score is 21.5, versus Clermont County at 20.4 and Ohio at 20.1.
  • We looked at community support, which is extremely high both in hours and money donated to help our district.  We’ll be expanding this section to look at more types of support received in a variety of ways.

And much, much more.  Please check out the full report when it is posted.  When you do, think about what else you’d like in the report, and let me know.  We talked about a couple changes last night, and will be incorporating more ideas into the report so it can develop into a tool that’s beneficial for us all.


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