Basketball team enjoys special cakes

Cake with film strip      Cake 2

It started at the beginning of the basketball season, when Pat Yockey yelled at player Cy Overbeck to “Come on!”  His father happened to be sitting behind Pat and board member Dave Yockey; he introduced himself and told her to yell at his son any time.

That interaction blossomed into a friendship that led the entire team to be the beneficiaries of Pat’s wonderful cakes at their end of season awards ceremony.  “It started with the Kings game,” says Pat.  “I told them that if they won, I’d make them cheesecakes.  They did.”

The team enjoyed the cakes so much, they asked for more.  That led coach Joe Cambron to ask Pat if she would be willing to bake the cakes for the ceremony.  “I said sure!” she says, and proceeded to bake four huge cakes, which Dave says the team “gobbled up in a hurry.”

Pat and Dave made it to virtually every game this season, enjoying the ups and downs the team experienced.  “This was especially tough because we also went to the Lakota East games at 4:30 for Pat’s grandson,” Dave explains, “and then be back by 7, in time for Milford’s games.”

But it was worth it, they felt, as they made friends with team members and parents, and spent the winter months cheering our Milford team on!

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