Board discusses goals for 2012

In January, BOE President Dave Yockey asked board members to fill out a self-evaluation form provided by the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA).  This evaluation asked us to determine if we felt we had performed successfully in 26 categories, ranging from academic progress to fiscal management to communication to professional development.

Based on comments he received from board members, Mr. Yockey then proposed three goals for the board to help us improve in 2012.  These are:

  1. Develop & initiate new evaluation procedures and goal-setting procedures for Superintendent and Treasurer.  The rationale for this is that while we have evaluated both positions on a regular basis, all board members have been frustrated with the form and system.  Surprisingly, there are no state guidelines for evaluating these positions, and each district uses its own form.  We have been working toward improving our system over the past several years, but Mr. Yockey would like to focus on this for 2012.
  2. Increase board member professional development by having members attend OSBA’s board leadership institute and finance workshop, and have all members attend OSBA’s Capital Conference.  This would help us continue to improve our knowledge and skills.
  3. Increase visibility of board members in school buildings, at student activities, and at other district-related events.  While board members do attend a great many events, it’s good to remember these are good ways to get out into the community and support our schools.

I agree with the basis of all these points, but I also feel we need to take a step back and look at the self-evaluation process itself.  As Mr. Lucas said at the meeting, it’s easy to evaluate ourselves – we think we’re doing great.  But what do the people who matter think?  It’s the community and the district administrators who really need to provide feedback.  I suggested we look to the community for input on what points they would like to see us evaluated on, as well as getting their input on whether we deliver on them.  Mr. Lucas added input from administrators to give us a well-rounded view.  This will be a great report to add to the “State of the District” overview we will be presenting in the fall.

My other main comments have to do with Goal #2.  I definitely feel professional development is needed and helpful for board members, as for anyone in any position.  However, I believe we have to choose what training we will take very carefully.  I personally have attended three different types of OSBA events; while one was very helpful, the others were not.  We have a limited budget for professional development, and we need to make every cent count.  That includes the Capital Conference, which gets expensive yet I believe has limited value.

The board will continue to discuss and refine these goals over the next few months.  I will keep you posted as they evolve.

2 Responses to “Board discusses goals for 2012”

  1. Larry Deel Says:

    I like self evaluations. I once worked for a company that required me to do my own performance evaluation. It forced me to look inward and be honest. Employees were judged by how honest they were about themselves. Recognizing your weaknesses is the first step in trying to improve them.

  2. andreabrady Says:

    Hi Larry,
    I agree, self-evaluations can be very helpful. However, in our case, these evaluations were conducted in a vacuum: we each evaluated the 26 categories individually, and did not even interact on them with each other, much less with a “superior.” While it will be helpful to have board members evaluate themselves, I think we also need feedback from the community (our “superiors”) and the administration, as those working with us and in the district every day. In addition, I’m excited about putting together a list that we determine, instead of using one from OSBA that is generic and not tailored to our specific needs.

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