Board redistricts 95 students from Pattison to McCormick

Ninety-five students will be redistricted from Pattison Elementary to McCormick Elementary as of the 2011-12 school year.  This redistricting is needed because Pattison is currently around 100 students overcapacity, while McCormick is under.  The redistricted area includes several neighborhoods along Rt. 28, which is halfway between the two schools.  This is a permanent move, not a temporary fix.  The district is working hard to make this transition as easy as possible for all students.

We have also received input from parents of affected students that knowing in advance (i.e., a year or two beforehand) would have helped them plan with students entering school.  This is an excellent point and will be considered when we see redistricting needs coming up in the future.

The board and administration will only redistrict when there is a specific need (for instance, when overcrowding makes it necessary, or when elementary capacity changes with a new Seipelt Elementary).  Our goal is to honor the intent of neighborhood schools and keep students in their original elementary whenever possible.  Unfortunately, because community growth is not even, and our master plan for our elementaries is not complete, sometimes redistricting is necessary to re-balance student populations.

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