Cincinnati is 11th most literate city in 2010

While Cincinnati was ranked #11 of the nation’s most literate cities for 2010, there is more bad news to the study fielded by Central Connecticut State University than good news.

Focusing on six key indicators of literacy – newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, library resources, periodical publishing resources, educational attainment and Internet resources – the study shows people in the 75 largest metro areas in our country are reading less.

To give some perspective:  Washington D.C. ranked first in the 2010 study.  However, if their 2010 score was compared to the 2004 rankings, they would land at #7.

One urban planning expert from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas disagrees with this.  He feels people are reading more but in less depth – in other words, getting “briefed.”  In his opinion, the bigger finding in this study is that what is being read is very different than in the past.

More on the study is reported in USA Today.

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