Class Ranking Policy approved

Last month, the Weighted Grades Committee recommended a change to the weight given to AP and Honors classes (read article here).  This month, the board approved the policy regarding class ranking, which affects classes graduating in 2012-2015.

After much discussion and consideration, the committee stood by their recommendation that weights will not be applied retroactively for any class, and class rankings will not be affected by past Honors/AP classes.  This decision is based on case law that ruled this inappropriate since students may have chosen differently if they had known a weight would be added to honors classes in the future (i.e., a student may have chosen to take an honors versus a non-honors class if s/he knew the honors class would end up being weighted).

Clearly, there are issues both ways: in one situation, the students who have taken honors classes in the past and not received weighting are penalized; in the other, students who had the chance to take honors and did not are.  There is no good solution to this problem, and we must follow what the courts say.

Students may request the district to figure their historical GPA based on the new weighting scale.  This “unofficial” GPA will be attached to the transcript with an explanation, which will help these students with college and scholarship applications.

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