Contracts amended & extended for Superintendent & Treasurer

At the December 16, 2010 board meeting, the school board voted unanimously to amend Superintendent Dr. Robert Farrell & Treasurer Randy Seymour’s contracts, and to extend Mr. Seymour’s contract until 2015.  Dr. Farrell’s contract is through 2014.  Both these leaders agreed to forgo any salary increases.  This is also important to note because both are significantly underpaid versus the market, especially for a school district our size.

To recognize their efforts and ongoing successes, the board approved increased benefits that cost the district less and provide them with longer-term benefits for retirement.  Both contracts include 10 more vacation days and 12 more sick days per year.  Dr. Farrell will receive 4% of his salary placed in an annuity, and Mr. Seymour will receive an additional 3% in an annuity in his current contract, and 2% more in his contract extension beginning in 2012.

The board agrees without hesitation that these two individuals have been tremendous leaders for our district, enhancing educational options while helping our district achieve significant efficiencies.  They are currently working with the administrative team to find even more ways to restructure while minimizing the effect on education.  Both have proven time and again that they are committed to our students, staff and community, and their efforts have helped improve community and municipal relationships.  I personally am proud to have them with us and grateful for their ongoing efforts to improve our district in every way.

2 Responses to “Contracts amended & extended for Superintendent & Treasurer”

  1. Shirley Trester Says:

    Do not know total compensation for Mr Farrell and Mr Seymour. Please advise additional cost of 22 additional days and 3 and 4%

  2. andreabrady Says:

    Hi Shirley,
    Thanks for posting! Mr. Seymour is unfortunately no longer with the district as our treasurer; he has been replaced by Debbie Caudle as Interim Treasurer. He is still consulting with us, to help Debbie as she is still a new treasurer.

    Dr. Farrell’s increased days (sick & vaca) end up being total high-end of $9.3k. That is of course if they are all paid out and not taken during the year. Dr. Farrell’s total comp (salary & annuity) is around $135k, which is significantly lower than most superintendents in our area, and especially for someone of his caliber. The extra 4% he rec’d in his annuity is $4.4k.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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