Cursive writing helps brain development

With the new focus on needing to type to communicate, cursive writing is falling by the wayside.  The state no longer requires it.  Our students still learn how to write in cursive in elementary school – but then they are not required to use it, and most students end up printing when they need to write with pen or pencil.

Yet, writing in cursive is actually proven to help in language and brain development.  It’s a skill that has so much more impact than just making sure a child’s writing is legible – why are we not requiring it?

These two articles on How cursive writing affects brain development provide a topline look at the benefits of cursive, with links to more detail if you want to dig.

One Response to “Cursive writing helps brain development”

  1. Sharon Dodds Says:

    I agree that schools should continue to teach cursive writing. Thank you to Milford schools for continuing this life skill!

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