Excellent again in 2011-12

While the state has delayed the official release of the 2012 District Report Cards, we have the data and are able to share our results.  This year, our results once again exceed previous years.

Statewide Indicators
These are the first measure on the Report Card.  These look at the percent of students by grade who score at a proficient level on the test.  The proficient level for grades 10 and below is 75%; for grade 11, it is 80%.

All our students met or exceeded the proficient level for last year.

Performance Index
The PI is a weighted average of the assessment results across all grades.  By increasing the number of students who score in the top two levels of the assessment (Advanced and Accelerated), a district increases its PI score.  A score of 100 is the statewide goal.

Milford has increased our PI consistently over the past five years.  In 2007-08, our PI was 100.8.  In 2009-10, it jumped significantly to 104.0.  In 2010-11, it was 104.4, and last year, it increased to 105.1.

Adequate Yearly Progress
A federal mandate requires performance to be measured by subgroups according to what different types of students are in a district.  All subgroups must meet or exceed objectives, or make progress versus the previous year, to meet AYP.

Milford is measured on the following subgroups:  All Students; White; Economically-disadvantaged; Asian; African-American; Disabled.  In 2011-12, three buildings did not meet AYP.  In 2010-11, three different buildings had not met AYP; this past year, they did.  There is a plan in place to ensure all buildings meet AYP this year.

The district rating is determined by all the above factors plus the Value Added computation.

Based on the Statewide Indicators, Perofrmance Index, and Adequate Yearly Progress, Milford is rated Excellent again for the 2011-12 school year.  However, we do not yet know if we will also receive the “with distinction” designation.

“With distinction” is determined by the Value Added score, and it is the one piece we do not yet have.  Value Added measures if each student has seen a year’s worth of growth in a year’s time.  If we have met Value Added, we will be Excellent with distinction.

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