Five Year Forecast Updated & Approved

A new Five Year Forecast, reflecting decreases in revenues due to changes in state funding, personal property income reimbursement, and federal stabilization funds, was adopted by the board last night.  This forecast also reflects $20 million in cuts made over the next five years.  However, given the income reductions, it still shows the need for a 6.9 mill levy to be collected no later than 2013 (passed no later than November, 2012).

The board agreed this levy amount is too high, and asked the administration to look for additional reductions to make this amount more reasonable.  We will also continue efforts to find creative ways of reducing cost while affecting education as little as possible.  The administration has done a good job with this so far, and the over $25 million cut between 2009 and 2015 has mostly come from efficiencies, not from hurting the education provided.  However, the closer we get to being as efficient as possible, the less there is to cut that will not hurt our students, in one way or another.

I will keep you updated as to progress as we move toward these goals.

One Response to “Five Year Forecast Updated & Approved”

  1. Brenda Ely Says:

    I am impressed with the work our district has done so far toward finding ways to be more efficient in our practices and spending limited funds wisely. I know that there is a lot of work yet to do and we are no place close to being “as efficient as possible.”

    Before the board considers placing a levy on the ballot – which I believe is almost certain to fail in this desperate economy – I am hoping to see our district explore additional efficiencies and cost cutting measures.

    We only need to turn on the TV news or pick up a newspaper to see that districts all around us are experiencing the same financial crisis. We can all benefit from sharing ideas and watching what works for each other. For instance, the special education preschool services in most schools around the county are being re-worked to serve more children without adding teachers, all within the guidelines of the ODE. I don’t believe that is being done yet in Milford. Many districts are limiting the teacher inservice opportunities to specific days without kids, so that they don’t have to pay for subs. Has Milford done that? I have read about districts where the teachers are demonstrating their understanding of the gravity of our situation through agreement to concessions such as wage freezes and higher insurance shares. In several districts, teachers have willingly given up step increases to reduce the number of necessary layoffs. These kinds of savings are largely invisible to the “customers” of district services and therefore do not tend to affect the quality of services.

    I ask that our board and administration dig a little deeper to learn about ways to cut our operating costs even more, while maintaining quality, before asking voters to support a levy.

    Thanks again for the great work to get us to this point where we are not the poor district making headlines every day for our financial crisis.

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