Frankly, sir, you are boring me …

The debate between keeping students interested and not going overboard with desperate attempts at “edutainment” is an interesting one.  How do you engage students so they learn something?  Is lecturing out of the picture?

Coach Brown, a social science teacher at Ukiah High School in Ukiah, CA, examines this topic and more on his insightful blog.

In this article, he discusses the idea of lecturing.  While many teachers today believe lecturing has little to no place in the classroom, he argues he’s “seen students totally engaged in lessons where the teacher is imparting knowledge through lectures, whether it is personal anecdotes, story-telling, or use of visuals and power points.  Students can be riveted to a good speaker, and can be convinced that the term ‘lecture’ isn’t necessarily bad.”

This is a great blog to visit to read about various topics related to teaching from a teacher’s perspective.

One Response to “Frankly, sir, you are boring me …”

  1. Larry Deel Says:

    I appreciate the idea that lecturing does not have to be boring. I think that’s a terrific approach to play around with. I can still remember teachers I had that engaged their students, including me. They were not only the most well liked teachers, but also probably the ones whose students actually learned the most.

    One of my favorite college professors taught economics – debatably one of the most boring college subjects. He was great. He used analogies students could understand, humor, and interaction with students.

    The process of education has gotten a little stale. Educators at all levels who offer an alternative approach will be most successful.

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