Gender committee presents findings

The Gender Committee has been working diligently to evaluate data from both our own district and national studies, and figure out what this means for Milford Schools.  The committee consisted of 13 people, including teachers, administrators, community members, and a board member.  As Rob Dunn, Principal at Meadowview Elementary said, he would never have guessed the committee would have continued for two years – yet here it is, with compelling data showing there are gender-specific differences and needs in education.

The committee analyzed academic and discipline data from the district for six years, finding significant disparity between boys and girls.  Overall, boys had more behavioral problems but, despite being more likely to be identified gifted, they were less likely to participate in honors or advanced placement classes.

Combining this information with nationally-available information that confirms local results led the committee to recommend several immediate steps:

  • Provide professional development on gender-specific issues to principals and teachers
  • Create a graduate course for teachers based on the book, Why Gender Matters
  • Add professional development for counselors
  • Post suggested gender-related readings for parents on Edline
  • Principals & counselors will share information with parent groups and at school activities
  • Committee members will speak at local groups and communicate with media outlet
  • A display will be created at the public library

In addition, the committee will continue to add to reading lists, encourage students to take courses that challenge them, and seek parental input for voluntary single-gender classes.

It is legal to offer them as long as they follow regulations set out by the U.S. Department of Education.  The committee is asking the district to give immediate consideration to re-instituting single gender physical education classes.

The findings from this committee are an important step in helping us address a previously unknown need among our students, which can greatly help all students succeed in their Milford Schools career.

2 Responses to “Gender committee presents findings”

  1. Lisa Essig Says:

    What are the additional costs incurred with this and where will the money come from?

    • andreabrady Says:

      Hi Lisa, no additional money will be spent on any of this. All prof. dev. will be incorporated into what we’re already doing – it will just be sure to incorporate the research & tactics to address the issues. If the board decides to move forward with something like gender-specific gym classes, these will be voluntary and will be within the framework of what is already offered. Other items, such as resources & community education, will be conducted by the staff through outreach programs or within currently-scheduled meetings. Any other questions, let me know. I don’t know much more than what’s been presented publicly, but I can get answers if necessary.

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