Milford Main is new income generator for district

Milford Main has been hailed as a community treasure, a drain on school district resources, and everything in between.  Without doubt, it is a beautiful old building from another era, filled with art work, Rookwood pottery water fountains and, most importantly, memories.

The building has been in use sporadically over the past few decades, sometimes for district overflow or even rented out to Madeira when they were renovating their schools.  For the past few years, the district’s focus has been to get the building to the point where it is at least self-sufficient, with income from renters covering the utility and upkeep costs.

That happy state was achieved last year.  St. Andrew’s, Fit4Kidz and Miami Glen have been residents of the building for a while.  Last year, the Clermont County Educational Service Center (CCESC) joined them, bringing us just about to break even.

This year, the CCESC has expanded their space, and we are now projected to be in the black – earning more income than what we’re paying out!

In addition, Milford Commercial Cleaning Services is providing once-a-month cleaning in used areas, helping keep the building in better shape.

Operations Manager Jeff Johnson will continue to look for opportunities to expand our income stream from Milford Main.  In this way, we can preserve this treasure while developing another revenue stream – a win-win for the community and the school district.

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