Milford School Foundation grants $30k to MEVSD

The Milford Schools Foundation finished its second full year by granting $30,000 to 46 teachers and administrators for programs and technology.  Over the past year and a half, the Foundation has funded over $60,000 – quite an accomplishment for this fledgling organization!  This round’s recipients are listed below.

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, September 29 for the annual Night of the Stars fundraiser dinner.  Seven alumni will be honored (names to be announced soon).  This dinner is the Foundation’s single largest fundraiser, and features silent as well as live auctions, the opportunity to hear from Milford alumni, and of course great food.  More information to come.


  1. District wide grant applications:  Total: $8,000.00
  • Nancy House, $2000.  To create a Junior High School News program.  Students will write and produce the program which will be shared daily with JH students and the community.  This will develop 21st century skills.  Plans are to expand program to the HS in two years. Grant will cover equipment.
  • Stephanie Hingsbergen, $2000. To buy “switching” devices which allow students with Multiple Disabilities to communicate, enhancing learning opportunities.
  • Karla Colegate, $2000. To purchase a variety of equipment and material for the Occupational Therapists to develop students’ handwriting and fine motor skills.
  • Denise Evans, Sara Pettigrew, $2000.  To purchase I-Pads for the English Language Learners (English as a second Language) Program.
  1. Milford Preschool:  Total: $4,343.15
  • Jennie Berkley, $400.  To purchase Wii equipment for PE class to develop motor skills.
  • Jeanne Clough, $750.00. To purchase I-Pad and apps for Pre Speech Therapy.
  • Susan Casella, $500.00. To purchase I-Pad to help individualize instruction.
  • Julie Thompson, $782.00.  To purchase Ellison Die Cut Machine for teachers’ room.  Die cuts are used by all teachers to supplement instruction.
  • Nancy Oppito, $411.15.  To purchase equipment and materials for the speech and language pathologists to enhance learning.
  • Shellie Foley, $1000.  To purchase Creepster Crawler and biform wedge to help the development of students with a variety of disabilities.
  • Rindalee Akinbobo, $500.00  To purchase I-Pad to help students with no mode of communication.
  1. Seipelt Elementary: Total: $500.00
  • Heather Wahlert, $500.00.  To purchase microscopes and equipment.
  1. McCormick Elementary: Total: $745.00
  • Teresa Essex, $495.00. To purchase five NOOK Simple Touches.
  • Linda Callahan, $250.00.  To purchase apps for the I-Pad already purchased.
  1. Mulberry Elementary: Total: $2930.14
  • Terra Bales, $500.00.  To purchase two pop up flannel boards/white boards/magnetic boards.
  • Cindy Pharo, $750.00.  To purchase apps for Speech and Language Department for use with language impaired students.
  • Shellie Holden, $500.00.  To purchase two pop up flannel boards/white boards/magnetic boards.
  • Heather Dingus, $700.16.  To purchase I-Pad.
  • Erika Rausch, $479.98.  To purchase Reading/Writing Center.
  1. Meadowview Elementary: Total: $1,519.94
  • Cynthia Bachman, $500.00.  To purchase sound equipment for the music department.
  • Adam Langdon, $600.00.  To purchase Xbox 360 with Kinnect Feature for the PE department.
  • Halie Clay, $419.94. To purchase Leapfrog’s Tag Reading Program.
  1. Smith Elementary: Total: $1,999.00
  • Pete Parnin, $499.00. To purchase I-Pad.
  • Brad Lovell, $1000.00.  To purchase the Mac Book for building wide videos and messaging.
  • Christy Carey Boone, $500.00. To purchase I-Pad.
  1. Pattison Elementary: Total: $2, 750.00
  • Melissa Kanalas, $500.00.  To purchase I-Pad.
  • Grace Wenstrup, $500.00.  To purchase I-Pad.
  • Katie Slusher, $500.00.  To purchase I-Pad.
  • Pam Kohler, $750.00.  To purchase multi sensory tools such as switches and motor play activities for use in the new multiple disabilities unit.
  • Joy Davis, $500.00.  To purchase apps for the I-Pads of the speech therapists and Intervention Specialists.
  1. Milford Junior High School: Total: $4,850.00
  • Sarah Greb, $750.00.  To purchase books for the Literature Circle Library for the language arts students.
  • Dan Yeager, $400.00.  To purchase I-Pad.
  • Kate Huelsman, $300.00.  To purchase teacher resources for use with students in the class of the Intervention Specialist.
  • Sherry Smithson, $400.00.  To purchase iPad2.  New SS curriculum.
  • Brian Ruck, $500.00.  To purchase eBeam interactive whiteboard.  New SS curriculum.
  • Helena Ramos, $500.00.  To purchase eBeam interactive whiteboard.  New SS curriculum.
  • Elizabeth Lane, $500.00.  To purchase eBeam interactive whiteboard.  New SS curriculum.
  • Brad Greenwell, $500.00.  To purchase eBeam interactive whiteboards.  New SS curriculum.
  • Julie Davalla, $500.00. To purchase iPad2 for MD class.
  • Timothy Breuer, $500.00.  To purchase eBeam interactive whiteboard.  New SS curriculum.
  1.  Milford High School: Total: $2,345.00
  • Janelle Schunk, $500.  To fund art student participation in the New Voices Program, designed to engage MHS students with community organizations and members who have various cultural and /or economic differences.
  • Kate Ackermann, $155.00.  To purchase lesson plans and other materials for students.
  • David French, $740.00.  To purchase probes, colorimeters for chemistry classes.
  • Mark Edwards, $550.00.  T0 purchase primary source materials for use in social studies classes.  New SS curriculum.
  • Jerry Camello, $400.00.  To purchase iPad2.

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