More snow days headed our way?

Given the current weather patterns, the number of snow days schools are allowed before having to make up days at the end of the year is a hot topic.  Here in Milford, we’ve already used two out of three available snow days for the year – leading people to question just when the last day of school this year will be?

However, this past Wednesday, Governor-elect Kasich announced he is in favor of returning Ohio’s calamity days to five from the current three.  There is no indication yet as to whether the days will be added back for this school year or not.

This is good news for areas like ours.  In Milford, narrow, steep and winding back roads make it dangerous – sometimes impossible – for buses to navigate on snowy or icy days.  In several areas of northern Ohio, districts have already used up their snow days.  But all districts agree that student safety is first when calling off school, no matter how many snow days are allowed.

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