Moving toward anywhere/anytime learning

Lynn Ochs, Milford’s Technology Coordinator, and Mark Hopkins, Coordinator of Networks & Systems, presented an update on technology developments.  As part of the district’s strategic choice for technology, they are working toward anywhere/anytime computing for all staff and students, which will move us toward anywhere/anytime learning.

Technology, which is a huge part of our young people’s lives, is a great tool to enhance learning.  From interactive whiteboards to portable devices to wiki spaces, we can bring technology to the learning process to help engage students in and out of the classroom.

A community member addressed the concern that “21st century learning” must still focus on the core education we all need to succeed in this world.  Just because the world is changing does not mean what’s gone before is no longer applicable.  Dr. Farrell addressed this, assuring us the district is proceeding into “21st century learning” approaches with eyes open.

Mrs. Ochs and Mr. Hopkins described some of the new initiatives the district is investigating.  Additions such as classroom sound amplification, digital signage and desktop/server virtualization will help us increase student engagement while reducing hardware costs and energy usage with increased computer power.

They also described many of the ways teachers are already using technology in the classroom.  The district is moving to find ways to harness Internet and social networking tools for the classroom while keeping our students safe.  Currently, over 400 students are working with Moodle, an Open Source program, while a Digital Composition Class is using Ning and the Spanish Club is trying out their own wiki.

It’s a very exciting time for Milford regarding technology.  To get an idea of all that’s being done, you can download last night’s presentation here.

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