Nancy House & Dr. Jill Chin are our new Curriculum & Instruction Directors

At the board meeting last night, the board approved Dr. Farrell’s request to hire current High School Principal Nancy House as Secondary Curriculum & Instruction Director and current Boyd E. Smith Principal Dr. Jill Chin as Primary Curriculum & Instruction Director. This is a change in approach from the past, when we have had only one person, an Assistant Superintendent level, in charge of PK-12 curriculum.

This change follows months of research and discussion among the administration and board members. It was also discussed in depth at the work session held February 4.

With all the changes taking place in curriculum at the national and state levels, it will be just about impossible for one person to keep up. To ensure we are meeting standards and providing teachers with the support and development they need, Dr. Farrell recommended splitting the position in two and hiring two director-level people.

I was part of the committee that did the first interviews for candidates for these two positions. Both Mrs. House and Dr. Chin are highly qualified and committed to doing their best for Milford, and we are extremely lucky to have them. We were very fortunate to be able to choose them from a pool of incredibly talented people – it had to be a hard decision for Dr. Farrell, but it’s great news for Milford.

In addition to this change, due to modifications in state funding and requirements, we no longer are required to have a full-time Gifted Coordinator. Deborah Glynn, who has been our Gifted Coordinator, will become a Gifted Instructor next year. She will also perform some of the basic duties of a Coordinator, with Dr. Chin picking up the rest. Gifted services, both in the classroom and extracurricularly, will NOT change in the future due to this reorganization.

Cost-wise, these changes can be made for about the same amount that we are currently spending. The final numbers cannot be determined until new principals for the high school and Boyd E. Smith are hired.

If you would like to see the presentation given at the February 4 work session, click here.

2 Responses to “Nancy House & Dr. Jill Chin are our new Curriculum & Instruction Directors”

  1. Sherrie Says:

    Being a Principal is a full time job. How are these two going to effectively do both.

    If its “impossible for one person to keep up” in the first place your putting in the position two people who already have demanding full time positions. How are they going to “keep up”.

    This makes no sense. Why could they not just hire one full-time person that does not already have a job/position; Someone that could devote their entire time/profession to the need.

  2. andreabrady Says:

    I apologize – I wasn’t clear. These two people are being promoted into new positions. The two open principal positions (High School & BES) are being posted today. Both people were excellent principals and the schools will be sorry to see them go, and Nancy stepped into a challenging situation this year. We appreciate all the work they did as principals, and we hope to replace them with equally qualified people.

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